Support Planning And Brokerage

Next Session

Thursday 24th March 2011 from 2.00pm - 4.00pm @ Carers Resource Centre, Shipley

Jayne Hellowell, a commissioner from the Council who some of you may know, is coming along to this session.

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Working Group Session 4 - 10th March 2010

Paul O’Brien, who is the project lead for market development from Bradford Council, came along to update the group on the council’s plans for Support Planning.

Carmel and Liz shared their experiences of support planning, Carmel has been trained by In Control and Liz is part of the National Brokerage Network. Both have extensive professional experience of support planning and, as a mother and carer, Carmel has personal experience of going through the process.

please see below for notes regarding the session and Q&A from the Group to the Council.

Support Planning and Brokerage Questionnaire

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Check out our Support and Resources page for some of the documentation dicussed at the working group sessions. Imparticular a report on care management and community-based support in Yorkshire & Humber and a toolkit that helps you when exploring care management and community-based support.

Paul Hunt, Bradford MDC - Minutes from the first working group meeting

Bradford MDC Support Planning and Brokerage Statement

As a result of the Comprehensive Spending Review during October, the Council’s position on support planning and brokerage has changed. They have therefore asked us to share the following information. The information was discussed at the November Support planning and brokerage working group meeting, but we also wanted to ensure everyone involved in the Bradford Voluntary and community Personalisation Project was updated.

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