Paid For Services

Please contact Rob for more information on 0113 318 8685 or ku.oc.srekorbssenisublaicos|ofni#ku.oc.srekorbssenisublaicos|ofni

This working group has a practical focus - helping you to make progress in your plans for developing paid-for services.

The meetings have the following format:

  • First hour - Start-up surgery discussions about where people are up to with their plans and to discuss ways to make further progress.
  • Second hour - focus on a key issue related to developing paid for services

We have been covering the following points

  1. How do you get people to pay?
  2. How can you attract enough customers when you're selling to individuals?
  3. How can you ensure that "Personalised" doesn't end up meaning "Isolated"?
  4. How can you do meaningful market research?
  5. How do you come up with the right price?
  6. Dealing with risk in a risk-averse organisation/sector

During one of the Paid For Services session, the group did an exercise which helped them to look at the social and financial impacts of their current activities. The idea behind this was to look at what they currently do, before considering setting up new services.

Please see below for the exercise.

Please email us if you spot anything interesting we could share ku.oc.srekorbssenisublaicos|ofni#ku.oc.srekorbssenisublaicos|ofni