Parents of special educational needs children could get care budgets - Green paper proposes giving families of special needs children more power to direct health and care plans.

Parents will be given a personal budget to spend on the care of their children with special educational needs under government proposals that will also replace SEN statements with a new "health and care plan".

A Department for Education green paper published on Wednesday will propose that the health and care plans could be contracted out to "the voluntary and community sector" rather than local authorities. Read more here


Communities secretary tells NCVO conference he expects councils not to cut voluntary sector budgets more deeply than their own Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, has threatened to use the law against councils that make "disproportionate" cuts to their 2011/12 voluntary sector budgets.

Some local authorities, including the Tory flagship local authority Westminster Council and the Labour controlled Manchester City Council, have announced deep cuts to charity funding in the forthcoming financial year.The government has previously urged councils to avoid making deep cuts to charities so they can help to build the big society, but has emphasised it is up to councils themselves to make final spending decisions.

But Pickles told delegates at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations annual conference yesterday that he had "grave concerns" about some councils and was prepared to use "statutory force" against the worst offenders. Read more here


Hungry, thirsty, unwashed: NHS treatment of the elderly condemned

Elderly people treated by the NHS were denied even the most basic standards of care, according to a scathing report that reveals a health service rife with ageism.

Patients were left hungry and thirsty, unwashed, in soiled clothes, without adequate pain relief or an emergency call button in reach. Relatives were ignored or forgotten….. Read the full article here


The plan to solve our care home crisis - When Johann Hari wrote a powerful account of the atrocious treatment his grandmother suffered during the last years of her life, a huge number of readers wrote in with similar stories of abuse, neglect and defeat. Here, he presents a 10-point strategy to protect the elderly

My grandmother hated anybody making a fuss over her. The only time I ever tried to capture her on a home video, she dashed out of the room shouting "I dinnae want to be televised!" So she would have been bemused to discover that the story of the last 10 years of her life – in which she was treated atrociously by a series of care homes – caused such a reaction after I wrote about it 10 days ago. Since that article came out, I've been hit by a tsunami of emails from relatives and dissident care workers describing how they have seen elderly people being abused, neglected, drugged and defeated in residential homes across Britain. My grandmother went through a nightmare – but she was not the only one….. Full Text at


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The National Association for Voluntary and Community Action has developed a simple diagnostic tool, with accompanying guidance notes and an action plan, which can be used by local support and development organisations to undertake a personalisation health check with local voluntary organisations. To download the health check and the associated guidance notes and action plan, visit


BMDC Market Development News - Working in partnership and engaging with stakeholders to shape the future of social care and support services in Bradford
Increasing demand, greater numbers of self-funders and personal budget holders and reduced local government expenditure will inevitably mean significant change to the social care market in the coming years. The Council is committed to developing a forward thinking approach to working with the market. Full text at


Cuts to council budgets threaten care for elderly and disabled MPs warned that patients with dementia and diabetes risk losing support as a result of savage budget reductions. Full text at


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The care minister will need balls of steel Personal budgets have been berated by some in the media. Paul Burstow insists he'll take on the Daily Mail for the sake of choice. Full text at


Paul Burstow, the Lib Dem minister for care, is to announce the total expansion of a scheme allowing social care recipients to tailor their personal budgets. Full text at


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The new minister for Care Services Paul Burstow' made a speech to ACEVO called “Charity funding and the new Government” which appeared on the Department of Health website yesterday. Full text at

Some interesting statements near the end about the voluntary sector and personal budgets, advocacy and brokerage:

“I want to push decisions as close to the individual as possible. And one way forward is through direct payments and personal budgets. We’ve also committed to extending the use of these.This will open doors for third sector bodies, both in providing services directly, and also playing a vital role in advocacy and brokerage.But this is a two-way street. Just as public sector organisations are being challenged to raise standards and cut costs, so charities and voluntary organisations will need to adapt.”

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