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Pricing and Personalisation Event Notes

Social Impact Reporting Event Documentation

Please see below for Presentations, hand-outs and information discussed at the event.

Creative Support Planning Event Documentation

Please see below for information discussed at the event

Gills Presentation from The Rising To The Challenge Event

26th January 2011

Working Group Flyer - October 2010

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Working Groups Launch Thursday 23rd September 2010 Event Documentation

The following wordle is a collation of the notes and comments made in the working group discussions, Personal Assistants, Support Planning and Brokerage, Paid for Services and How to be Enterprising.

Introduction to Personalisation Event Documentation

Opportunities in Personalisation Event Documentation

We have represented the notes and comments that people made in the Opportunities in Personalisation workshop below, the bigger the word the more it was used. You can click on the image to see it in more detail, or print it out.